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Gallery 337 (Nov 16, 2011). It's a pity but I've unfortunately hurt my knee. Currently I'm awaiting the date for a meniscus operation... Actually no big deal, I hope, with good prospects of cure (to be honest, getting rid of the pain is a fine idea). BUT... Don't even think that a misadventure like this could spoil my boot passion! Not even my splinted leg prevents me from doing it, as you see. Of course, I have to be careful at the moment but I just was in the mood for a little boot walk. Having Nadine beside me made the decision easy.
Speaking of Nadine, she's a gift: charming, spontaneous, open-minded, and... she loves boots in all situations! And she provides me with additional possibilities which I couldn't have realized when I was alone. I'm sure you'll see much more of us both soon. And if I just should be unable to go out for a shooting she will appropriately represent bootpassion. Welcome, Nadine! (44 pictures and 6:13 min video in the members area).