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Gallery 643 (Sep 27, 2017). My green outfit is, if I'm not mistaken, a kind of surgery clothing. I wear it upon special request of a good friend and like-minded boot lover here. Thanks, B. The white Noras are also a donation from him. I think they go well with this unusual outfit and make an extraordinary combination. The green gloves fit just as well in color, but that's just a lucky coincidence. They are from another good friend of us (thanks again, Peter). They seem to be sewage gloves and thus quite special: made of a very stable fabric with special coating, very long and very protective... And very much needed today.Smile The boots obviously didn't stay white for long, while I was wading through the deep, soft mud. In the end I even got terribly stuck. Enjoy!
BTW: Peter is the founder of the very active Yahoo group muddybootsandrainwear. You will find lots of stimulating discussions, pics and videos concerning our matter there. Give it a try, it's well worth a visit!
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