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Gallery 813 (Dec 30, 2020). I've raved about these wonderful Boden Wellies many times and I continue to be delighted. They are comfortable, surprisingly tall for western boots, and make a statement in any setting with their bright red. The puddles on this terrain look mostly unremarkable, but the clay mud is tricky. It can be extremely sticky and you don't realize that there is liquid mud deep underneath. That's what happened to me. One wrong step and the mud splashed up my stockinged legs to my skirt.Smile Now my ice was broken and I no longer cared about my outfit. It was the start of a wonderful mud adventure.Smile Enjoy the pictures and have a good turn of the year. Best wishes and a happy, healthy and muddy New Year —Sarah & Leon—
(36 pictures and 6:15 min video in the members area).